Introduction to Data Science

11th Mar, 2018 | 03 P.M - 06 P.M

Venue : Opencube Labs, Bangalore-24

Price : ₹399


Open Data Hack India,, +91-8553236639


Open data hack is a collaborative effort in solving day to day difficulties faced by local communities, civic bodies and non profit institutions. Technologists, designers, innovators and government bodies with great social insights come aboard for a day together to build technology based solutions availing enormously accessible free open data.

This learn-up is designed to spread awareness about the importance of Open Data, its applications and get started with Data Science. To motivate and encourage more solutions built using the enormous open data available for free.

Know more about Open Data Hack here :

Topics covered

  • What is Open data?
  • Importance of applications built using Open Data
  • Institutional support for Open Data
  • Process before you get started the data science
  • Getting started with Data Science
  • Tools available in Python to get started
  • Hands-on with Python

Why attend this learn-up?

  • Get exposed to the world of Open Data
  • Get started with data science
  • Start building your own data projects
  • Join the global Open Data Hacks community and build technology for good.


Suraj Jana

Global Community Coordinator, ODH

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